Notes from Today’s Security Sales Workshop

We just completed a one day – Making Money with Security™ (Level I) workshop in Manhattan.  A few notes from the class follow:

  • Two areas that drive business right now include compliance and the threat of losing data.  Compliance is a slower sale but playing well with federal and state & local government, banking, and medical. 
  • Companies that have built out their security practice and who are leading with assessment and other security services offerings are weathering the economic crisis.  Security continues to be in hot demand.
  • Leading with managed services (which is always a risk sale) is not advised.  Lead with The Four Things Buyers BuyTM and sell through to managed services.
  • Read – I appreciate those who admit they are not reading enough.  Sales professionals should constantly look for input on how to improve their selling skills.  It’s more skill than a numbers game.  The latter is just an excuse for poor performance.

© Copyright 2009, David Stelzl.  All rights reserved.


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