One Way Contract

I recently read a telling article in Harvard review.  The author rightly points out that while the airlines are working hard to build loyalty through the point system, you don’t actually get anything for your business; save an exit row. That is unless you’ve managed to reach the very top of the pyramid.  Today was no different.  I boarded US Airways on my way to New York City, brought my own water bottle, and chose the seat A of the exit row just so I could have control of the blinds.  I fully expected a late departure, but to my surprise we left on time and seat B was vacant – this is nearly first class in my book. 

While clearing the Hudson River I noted how small the landing spot was for flight 1549 -The River looks a lot smaller when you’re picturing an emergency landing.  Truly a miraculous feat!

When all seemed safe, I breathed a sigh of relief and headed for baggage claim looking for my limo – who is supposed to be displaying the STELZL sign by baggage claim 2.  That’s when the “One way Contract hit me.”  He’s nowhere to be found.  So, calling the hotline, the attendant informs me that my driver will be 15 minutes late.  Meanwhile I am reading the back of my confirmation sheet for RC Limo Company in New York, which reads, “There is a 15 minute grace period (for the passenger)  After that  and hourly charge will be applied for waiting time.”  Notice there is no mention of a late driver.  Thirty minutes later my drive shows up making excuses about having just been notified.  What kind of customer service is this?  Customer service must always be central to the business – but in a recession it’s even more important.    Take note:  Do everything in your power to deliver quality.  Start by being on time.


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