Notes from this week’s Federal Security Sales Workshop

February 4, 2009 — Leave a comment

We just finished our first SVLC Federal Security sales class, held in the Washington DC area.  Federal efforts to secure out nation are escalating, and you should expect this to spill over into the commercial market space as all types of companies are under attack.  After completing our Federally Focused Security sales class this week – some sound bites that are important follow:

  • Dept. of defense computers are probed hundreds of thousands of times each day according to DHS. Some of these attacks are very sophisticated, originating from well developed foreign government cybercrime armies.
  • U.S. Strategic command has banned the use of every form of portable media on its network – this includes things like USB key and CDs. Too many secrets are getting out.
  • America’s most pressing issue right now is securing Cyberspace according “The Commission on Cyber Security.” Take a look at our president’s cyber initiative list. An estimated $11 Billion is to be spent over the next four years.
  • “China is stealing vast amounts of sensitive information from US computer networks,” according to the commission’s chairman.
  • At least 120 counties have been developing ways to use the Internet as a weapon, according to McAfee.
  • “Jihadist hackers are trying to confuse military computers into mistaking identities of friendly and unfriendly forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.” WSJ Dec 15, 08
  • As more companies move to cloud computing, WSJ reports “foreign intelligence agencies and commercial snoops may have access”.

The point is, cyber attack methods are growing into much more than identity theft.  Everything from infrastructure attacks we saw in Georgia, to intelligence gathering, and stealing of company secrets is taking place and growing.  Strong justification exists to evaluate the security of every government and private sector facility as we move forward.

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