Market this! – Economic Downturns Stimulate Cybertheft

January 29, 2009 — Leave a comment

Here is a quote for your next marketing attempt. 

“The criminal economy is closely interrelated with our own economy, – Criminal organizations closely watch market performance and adapt as needed to ensure maximum profit.”  From USAToday – Jan 29, 08 (read it)

For those of you who are planning spring demand generation events, this is motivation for the companies you call on to take action.  This article reveals heightened risks with IT workers, layoffs, website infections, and the need to protect the end-nodes as frequented websites become tainted – a sure way to lose control of IT server security.  Look at some of the sound bites  (all quoted from the above USAToday Article):

  • The boom in cyberthreats that occurred during the last three months of 2008 could accelerate, especially if the economy continues to falter, security specialists say.
  • Organized cybercrime groups have become increasingly efficient at assembling massive networks of infected computers, called botnets, and deploying them to amass large caches of stolen data
  • “There is a well-funded, well-educated horde continually probing for cracks and finding their way in” to consumers’ financial information
  • Hackers also are intensifying attacks on data storehouses
  • Cybergangs now routinely activate hundreds of accounts by the minute, dedicating them to criminal pursuits.
  • Tainted links also are increasingly turning up in routine search queries on Google, Yahoo search and Windows Live search
  • Unemployed IT personnel potentially can find easy income by purchasing and using crimeware

For those who are not planning demand generation events – this is the time to be marketing, making strategic plans, and shoring up the foundation of your company as well as your personal career path.  Every day I receive resumes from colleagues I’ve worked with in the past, reports of companies going out of business, and threats of layoffs.  If you’re not building, you may not last.

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