Notes from this week’s Principles of Success Seminar in NC

January 13, 2009 — Leave a comment

This week we have 20 people attending our Seven Basic Principles of Success seminar in Charlotte NC.  We still have five days to go, but here are some points worth noting from yesterday’s session.  I find, as I work through my mentoring program, success is much more than having the right skills, sound bites, or opportunities…

  • Bad habits, drinking problems, excessive debt, dishonesty, inability to keep promises, poor dress, coarse language, habitual complaining; these are all surface problems (visible signs of an inner problem). These things are not fixed by directly working on them.
  • Inferiority complex, angry outbursts, envy, rebellious attitudes, worry, boredom; these are surfaces causes – attitudes that drive those listed above.
  • Many of the issues described above are rooted in unresolved bitterness, frustrations, or lack of self-control.
  • The way you dress tells others what you think of yourself and has a great deal to do with the way others will treat you. Sloppy or weird dress is often tied to inferiority feelings.
  • Personal responsibility leads to mental health – the opposite is true. Blaming others for your issues leads to mental instability.

Well known consultant Alan Weiss shares in a recent podcast that sales people and consultants tend to propose deep discounts, bundle free services, and give away the farm simply because they lack self esteem.  Start by taking responsibility for actions, attitudes, words, thoughts, and motives, and resolve past grievances, poor performance, and anything else that might be creating drag on your success in 2009.  Clients are looking for disciplined leaders who rise above the mediocrity.


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