FBI: Cybercrime Reaping in more than $1 Trillion

Several have asked me where these numbers come from.  Over the past three years growth has been exponential – numbers vary, but as long as sound references exist, we can use these numbers to substantiate business opportunities that lead to greater data security.  Here is a quick summary:

$67.2 Billion – The money section of USA Today, Thursday October 12, 2006 – according to FBI projections

$105 Billion – McAfee CEO, David DeWalt – September 17, 2007 iTnews report

$1 Trillion – “Now, the FBI reports that, for the first time ever, revenues from Cybercrime have exceeded drug trafficking as the most lucrative illegal global business, estimated at reaping in more than 1 Trillion annually in illegal profits.” – CRN 10/13/08… in an article entitled, The New Face of Cybercrime.  Read the entire article at http://www.crn.com/security/210800781

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