Sound Bites from our recent Englewood Colorado Security Workshop

The Pentagon has been breached more than once (Here is one recent example) and over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen the following compromises:

250,000 SSNs – Florida State Workforce Innovation

6000 SSNs – US Army

1300 IDs – MD State Laptop stolen

59,000 IDs – Luxonica Retailer

97,000 SSNs – Starbucks laptop stolen

344,000 SSNs – University of Florida

100,000 SSNs  stolen from the Texas Lottery

I am always impressed when IT security says, “We’ve got it covered.”  It’s rare to find a mid-sized company that is so well prepared when organizations including the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon have all been successfully breached, and a list like this shows up just over the past three weeks.  Or maybe they just think they’ve “got it covered.”


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