Into the Breach

Over the holidays I received my personal copy of Into the Breach, a recent publication on information theft by Michael Santarcangelo.  I can almost hear myself in this book; forget about the products, focus on the assets, find the asset owner.  I am just about half-way through at this point – I highly recommend reading the book.  My favorite section so far comes from PART I, where Michael uncovers the root problem- “43% of enterprise users (Surveyed – and it’s likely higher in real life) declared security to be the responsibility of IT (Exclusively)! …The very people who should be accountable and responsible for information have been excluded from the solution.”  He goes on to say, “As a result, they (asset owners in my vernacular) pay little care or attention to information under the false belief that the IT department has it covered (you will recognize this as a quote from every workshop I have ever conducted).”  The results of course are costly – Michael shows how these attitudes lead to an organization that points to faulty technology far more often than irresponsible or uneducated data users as data is surreptitiously compromised.  This is the type of information that will help you engage at the right level.  By tackling this at the root level, are will be better positioned to recommend the right supporting technology solutions.  Check it out –

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