The Anger Trap

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This week I have been hosting a seminar on 7 Basic Principles of Success.   We have over 30 attendees meeting over 6 days; every night and all day Friday and Saturday.   I appreciate the investment these men and woman have made in self improvement and life balance, but selfishly I have to say, I learn more than anyone when I conduct these programs.  Last night I was reminded how important it is to consider factors more important than skills in achieving success. 

Anger and irritations are one of the most destructive forces in your business.  Clients may mistreat you, lie to you, or take advantage of you in this dismal economy.  Meanwhile you may face all kinds of political and unjust decisions made within your company.  If you experience none of these, count yourself blessed.  The problem is resulting anger doesn’t affect those you are angry with; instead it destroys you.  It takes your focus away from the work you are doing, tempts you to write self incriminating emails which will be retained and used against you at a later date, it affects your health, and inhibits your ability to think clearly. 

Anger is a trap. Make it your personal habit to consciously forgive those who offend you, recognizing that in the long run you will outperform those who behave unjustly.  The one who is free to think, learn, and explore without the weights of irritation and anger will ultimately win.

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