The Name Collector

November 11, 2008 — 1 Comment

Collecting names is one thing you can be doing right now to build your 2009 business.  Prospecting in today’s business climate is not easy; people don’t answer the phone and emailing without permission is frowned upon.  But are you collecting every name? 

In a coaching call yesterday, one business owner noted that my Idea-Marketing® concepts are the only thing that is consistently getting results, but this requires some strategic thinking, building for the future.  If you’re not doing this while you’re looking for short term cash, you’ll always be looking for the quick hits.

Collect names.  When you speak in front of an audience, get everyone to sign up for your company newsletter – if they’re not signing up you may need to critique your content.  When you meet people in the businesses you call on, or you get a name from an existing client, make sure you have a way to follow up.  When someone signs up for your newsletter, they are agreeing to receive mail from you.  Provide them with ideas and thoughtful content they can use in their business.  Market through your content, showing them how you can help them improve their business, cut costs, and reduce risk. When someone is not ready to buy, don’t count it as “no opportunity”, rather sign them up for your marketing campaign and begin sending content.  Be patient.  If your ideas are good, they’ll eventually see the light. Be the Name Collector.


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    Really appreciate you sharing this blog post. Want more.

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