MSSP – One Way to Financial Stability

November 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

First, make sure you visit me at for this week’s broadcast – Part 1 of actually building the Profit Program.  In this economy, you can’t afford to just figure it out.  This is the last month I am offering the two week trial; after that it’s just $19.95.  There’s no risk, so give it a try.

Yesterday I talked about personal brand.  I mentioned Wal*Mart – wouldn’t you know it, Wal*Mart was one of the only retailers to report strong earnings yesterday.  That’s because price is a value proposition. The problem is your business model won’t last if you go that route; not unless your company fires you and all of your high-end sales people and technical staff, and moves to an online e-tailor.  But there is hope.  Moving to a longer term strategy with recurring revenue.  Yesterday I received this link from two people – a well written article on what to expect in the growing market of MSSP offerings: 


This is right in line with building the Profit Program, a program that starts with a strong value proposition, and ends with financial stability and improved customer satisfaction. 


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