The Power of Your Brand

In Peter Montoya’s book, The Personal Branding Phenomenon, he writes, “The law of Specialization says that a great Personal Brand must be precise, concentrated on a single core strength, talent or achievement.  The result of this concentration is the compelling, instantaneous frission of certainty that occurs when people come into contact with a great Personal Brand.”  A few pages over he writes, “Diversification is tempting.  It is normal to want to sell to the widest audience possible.  It seems logical.  But that impulse is a trap.  Trying to be the solution to every problem results in a watered down Personal Brand message and overextended resources”…people start questioning, “If he does so many different things, he can’t be very good at any of them.”

Technology integration is highly specialized.  Becoming the “Wal*Mart” of technology is a bad move.  When you enter Wal*Mart, you enter for the best price.  You don’t expect highly capable sales consultants to help you sort through various options – no, instead you expect to “Save Money, Live Better”.  What is your personal brand with your clients?  Is it about saving money?  For me, I’d rather be seen as an expert than a penny pinching option.

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