Your 2009 Vision

November 4, 2008 — Leave a comment

This week’s Profit Program Podcast begins a series of three podcasts that will help explain what the profit program is and how it works.  As we approach 2009 it’s imperative that you set some goals and create a direction for your business.  No goals means little to no growth.  Remember, Hope is not a Strategy.   In the first of the series I focus on your Entrepreneurial vision – what you aim to be 12-18 months from now; in the second we talk about your mission as a sales person (which affects your personal branding); and finally I will take you through a model that explains why so many sales people run out of business after years of success.  It’s actually a cycle that, if not countered with the right strategy, will eventually affect your personal performance as the products you’re selling commoditize.  Whether you are a regular listener or not I would urge you to begin thinking about your 2009 plan.  Two months is not a long time.  Also, don’t forget to vote – did I mention, “Today is election day”.


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