Your Personal Value Proposition – to your company

Over the last 6 days at least 3 business owners that I am coaching have told me, “My managers don’t think strategically.”  “They do what I tell them, but if I don’t think of it, it doesn’t get done.”  Another client made the comment, “He uses his office to run another outside business in real-estate. I’m not sure he takes this business seriously”.  That employ was recently asked to leave.  We’re in some tough times right now, and I don’t see our economy bouncing back to the late 90’s anytime soon.  That means sales people and consultants need to get serious.  In a seminar I attended by webex this week one of my mentors made the comment that “Newer grads may not realize how hard they are going to have to work to stay employed.”  If you’re not a producer, your job is in jeopardy – especially if your boss has a coach.  I am counseling those I coach to follow Jim Collins’ advice, “Get the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus, and then make sure you have the right people in the right seats, regardless of who wants to sit where.”  It’s the right thing to.  Choose today to be invaluable.  Use your time wisely, seek out wise counselors, invest in stepping up your game, and focus on profitable production.  Think strategically and be proactive – Habit One from the 7 Habits.

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