Sales Resiliency

October 29, 2008 — Leave a comment

Recessions call for resilient business practices.  Are you selling something that is needed regardless of cost containment initiatives.  As I look at my own business I know I need messaging, security, hosting, accounting, marketing, etc.  What do you sell today that is needed regardless of the economy?  In the high-tech world, security is the one thing that never goes away; ROI can also be demonstrated although difficult to prove in most cases.  Operational efficiencies and business transformation projects may sell, but again, you’ll have to work at it.

How about your business model?  Leading with a product rarely works in this type of economy.  Consulting services that provide some of the above benefits will do well to attract attention.  Price them to sell – then drive toward managed services.  Managed Services offer reoccurring revenues through a risk oriented sales focus.  Focus on business continuity and data security; both hot topics in the mid to SMB markets.

In my coming Podcast I’ll be offering new business attracting sound bites that focus on the mid and SMB markets, but have relevance in the larger organizations as well.  If you’re already signed up – make sure you schedule a few minutes to listen in,  if not, go to and sign up.


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