On Time

Be on time…I just returned from an event in Orlando, meeting with business owners of SMB and mid market focused solution providers in the software space.  My trip went great until it was time to catch the shuttle back to the airport on Friday afternoon.  I had purchased a round-trip ticket using the Mears shuttle in an attempt to save my client money.  We scheduled for a 2:45 pickup, which would  get me to the airport in plenty of time for my 5:00 PM flight.  By 3:00 I was getting worried, so I called the company and they assured me that they’d be there.  By 3:15 I had to bail out and take the cab.  So for another $40 I made my flight. 

As we pulled away from the hotel, I saw my ride arriving…how can people stay in business when they aren’t aware of the time and don’t call when delayed?  Providing IT services is time critical and requires a responsive and proactive mindset.  Most people have about a 15 minute tolerance – after that they give up or become frustrated.  Arriving too early communicates desperation and not having enough to do.  I generally arrive early enough to know I’m going to be on time, but then I wait until the appointed time to actually show up.   Being late wastes people’s time and makes them feel unimportant.  Showing up unprepared trumps tardiness almost every time.

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